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"A quick improvement in the appearance of something."

You enter a room and see a perfect interior. Your gaze wanders over a flawless ambience. With our professional retouching art and care, we ensure that this impression remains.

The touchuper is proficient in trade theory and is able to recognize the complexities of the surface and apply that understanding to their work.
We preserve noble surfaces in their value by professionally retouching and galvanizing them, as well as gold plating (fittings, bands, etc.). 
We perform the work in the installed position, on the place. Our skills are a value-preserving, cost-saving, sustainable and environmentally friendly option that saves our resources.

The satisfaction of our customers confirms our course and motivates us to give our best every day and to use and develop our skills and creativity for our clients.

The worldwide use of our service is a matter of course.

We realize for you the touchup art on a wide variety of surfaces: Lacquer, wood, metal, leather, ceramic, stone, plastic, etc.. These in the gloss level from dull matte to high gloss. We have the ability to re-galvanize damaged galvanized fittings, bands, etc. in the installed position. We manage new builds, refits, charter and private yachts, and residences.


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